Solo Cubes

A Creative Space for Privacy, Peace & Passion

Solo Cubes was started by a creative individuals who clearly saw there were many places in the city to enjoy social life but none for privacy. This thought lead them to brainstorm and they decided to create beautiful places to address these issues.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do!

So Solo Cubes’ think tank decided to give these driven individuals an area which they can call their’s, a space that promotes their creativity and crazy ideas. It could be a student preparing for an exam, could be a private conversation, could be research for a scholar, could be a peaceful time for author or artist to focus on their work, could be project or customer call or it could be focused practice to reach some goal. In order to achieve their goals, they desperately need privacy, isolation, freedom and comfort to execute their tasks and achieve their desired goals. These are basic necessities that every individual feels during their career path.
Our aim is to give a unique experience for all readers and working professionals who wants privacy for their work.


Suresh Kumar

Founder & CEO @ Graceful Growth

Srikrishna C

Marketing Strategist - IIMB

Subramaniam C

International Sales Coach