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At our premium co-working space in Koramangala, the heart of India’s startup capital.


Work Meets Hangout

Solo Cubes at Koramangala is explicitly designed for solopreneurs & small Sized teams providing them with individual Cubical cabins & private Cabins to increase their productivity.

Our comprehensive offices are conveniently located in the heart of Bangalore’s commercial area to create a perfect Start-Up atmosphere. We understand Start-Ups like no one else to deliver you with awesome modern amenities at suitable prices to give you the maximum value.

  • Productivity Focused Work space.
  • Solo private Cabins for Individual Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Remote Workers.
  • Work space Explicitly designed for Solopreneurs in search of privacy.
Open Lounge Work Space

Solo Cubes offers 20 Open Lounge Dedicated Desks where we create an environment that increases productivity, innovation and collaboration.

Open Flexi Solocubes

Roof Top Work Space

We transform ordinary edifices into extraordinary ones where your creativity gets wings to fly high. Comfortable seating attached to big tables, Rooftop Open Space with quick WiFi, waiting staff that will leave you alone for hours, good coffee, a bright and inspiring atmosphere, and  power sockets to charge your laptop.

Roof top Open Lounge

Solo Private Cabin

When it comes to being in the zone and working alone, Solo Cubes provides an outstanding atmosphere for you to be the lone warrior. Our unique private cabins provides an environment that keeps you aloof from the entire world!

Solocubes Solo private cabins

Entreprise Private Cabin

A private cabin to call your own! A place where your team works collaboratively with each other to achieve your daily goals. Ideal place for a small team of 5-6 members.

Enterprise private cabin

Conference Room

Solo Cubes offers spacious a Conference Room in the Koramangala facility. A great place to host your Trainings, Induction, Board room meetings among other things. The Conference Room easily accommodates 30 people. Solo Cube’s larger than life Conference Room provides all the amenities like a projector, whiteboard, markers and an audio system

Solocubes Meeting Room

Dedicated Meeting Room

Perfect area to conduct Networking Events, Presentations, Interviews, Client Pitches, or Training for your company. Solo Cubes’ Meeting Area can accommodate at least 50 people.

Solocubes Event Space

Solo Cubes Facilities

Essentials included for everyone


High Quality non-stop Internet service 24×7 so that your Start-Up never Sleeps!


Fresh, Delicious Coffee served from CAFE COFFEE DAY and an amazing Cafeteria to bring your team closer in your break hours.


Individuals who want to concentrate and get away from distractions can dive into our unique, private and isolated co-working zone


Closed Cabins where your team can work in a quite environment with plenty of sunlight, air condition in individual cubicles


Perfect ambience to run a Hi-Tech Presentation, a Board Meeting, Training for new Employees or an Event. Maximum Occupancy: 30 seats


Book lovers, Students preparing for Exams can benefit greatly from private home reading zones. Tons of material for exams are available


Simulated Mock Exam Center for all standard test like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, CAT, CA, Civil. 3-4 hours guaranteed peace!


Luxurious experience for long time readers, Kindle devices with Unlimited Subscription, E-Magazines & E-Books and Audio Books


Networking for a young Start-Up is vital in order for it to make a name for itself. Solo Cubes hosts plenty of events so that your Start-Up gets the maximum exposure


Located in the heart of Bangalore, this shared office space in Koramangala is complete with a beautiful Rooftop Open lounge area where one can work relax & work in a Plug & Play work environment. Solocubes, the Coworking Space in Koramangala provides an ambiance to organize events. If you’re looking to host an event, look no further. Our event space is perfect for corporate related events, business meetings, presentations or any workshops.

  • Our Koramangala center we bring to you the best and affordable Business Centre in Bangalore, regardless of your company size to provide your employees with a refreshing and energizing environment to work in.
  • Features green lawn, Open Rooftop Workspace, reading private rooms and other breakout zones space right in Bengaluru’s heart.
  • Located in the south-eastern part of the city, Koramangala is one of India’s major commercial hubs.


  1. 1
    Can you help me in fundraising?

    We are not investors but we do create an environment that facilitates interactions between investors & entrepreneurs by organizing various events like Reverse Pitch where investors pitch to startups and talk about their ticket size, selection criteria etc. Similarly, when investors fly down to India and show interest in meeting good companies and startups, we facilitate these interactions.

  2. 2
    Can you tell me more about the events Solocubes organizes?

    We organize various networking and knowledge events every once in a while. These events will help you meet and interact with like-minded people, learn from experts and grow your network. Check out upcoming events here.

  3. 3
    Can I have people from outside for meetings?

    We understand that meeting prospective clients and business partners is an essential part of a growing business and we hence provide for you to use our conference room or meeting room checking the availability with prior booking. 

  4. 4
    What is the internet speed?

    Each member gets an internet speed of 50 mbps. There is no limit on the usage.

  5. 5
    Do you rent out meeting rooms?

    No, we don’t. Our community is growing and to keep up with the requirements of our members, the meetings rooms are exclusive to members. The intent is that these meeting rooms should be readily available for the members as and when they need to use them.

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