Work Meets Hangout

Koramangala is Bangalore’s most popular locality and continues to thrive in a highly sought-after area. Divided into 8 blocks, Koramangala’s major commercial hubs are 3rd, 5th and the 7th blocks.

Solo Cube’s office is located in the 5th Block of Koramangala, making it centrally located to one of the most vibrant destinations in Bangalore. The office is situated in a largely cosmopolitan zone and is the focal point connecting important roads like Sarjapur road, Inner Ring road and 80 feet road.

Open Lounge

Solo Cubes offers 20 Open Lounge Dedicated Desks where we create an environment that increases productivity, innovation and collaboration.

Roof Top Casual Work Space

One of the finest Roof Top restaurants in Koramangala, Auntie Fung’s Asian cuisine is simply out of this world. After a long hectic day, it is a perfect hangout space for your team members to relax and bond with each other.

Solo Unique Private Cabins

When it comes to being in the zone and working alone, Solo Cubes provides an outstanding atmosphere for you to be the lone warrior. Our unique private cabins provides an environment that keeps you aloof from the entire world!

Enterprise Private Cabins

A private cabin to call your own! A place where your team works collaboratively with each other to achieve your daily goals. Ideal place for a small team of 5-6 members.

Conference Room

Solo Cubes offers spacious a Conference Room in the Koramangala facility. A great place to host your Trainings, Induction, Board room meetings among other things. The Conference Room easily accommodates 30 people. Solo Cube’s larger than life Conference Room provides all the amenities like a projector, whiteboard, markers and an audio system

Dedicated Meeting Room

Perfect area to conduct Networking Events, Presentations, Interviews, Client Pitches, or Training for your company. Solo Cubes’ Meeting Area can accommodate at least 50 people.

Let Us Take Care of Everything!

Running a Start-Up or working on a new company has crazy work schedules and hectic work hours. While you are busy making a name for your organization, let us take care of everything on your behalf.

So you focus on your daily tasks, and we will support you from maintaining hygiene to creating a productive work atmosphere, from your daily coffee to your team bonding dinners, from your board room meetings to your client presentations, from conducting interview rooms to training employees, we got it all covered!