A startup struggle is a volatility, the high gets higher, the low gets lower & nothing works the way it used to. So what it takes for an entrepreneur to build a high performing team.

solocubes - team building
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In an effort to provide a positive work culture most of the companies often confuse with inclusivity with friendship, opting for stereotypical “fun” activities like happy hours & overnight trips. While the intention is good, these events tend to cater to young, single & able-bodied employees, but these events may not prove helpful in achieving the main goal of increasing the employee productivity. Moreover they may include unnecessary risks.

If happy hour aren’t a good solution, then what it takes to create a productive environment for your startup or company. Let’s now explore step by step how you can build a high performing team.

1. Start with your why?

To build the best team you need to give employees something to fight for.
If you haven’t already, this is the time when you need to get crystal clear on your grandiose vision for the future of the company. This speaks to that human need to feel a sense of contribution, and striving for achievement.
See what drives & inspires your teammates.
What is your WHY? write it down?

2. Identify & fix solutions early.

Spotting and fixing problems as they arise within a team is another recommendation.
Instead of finding a solution like happy hour start with analyzing the problem you are trying to solve which in turn increases productivity.
> Is motivating waning?
> Do team members seem demoralized?
> Do teammates want to feel more collaborative in order to do their best work?
Phase 2: SOLVE
Make sure the solution actually moves towards your goal. Now that you have identified your problem you can now come up with a whole slew of creative ideas on how to improve your team working condition.

3. Welcoming a new teammate.

As an employee, everyone wants to feel comfortable in new environment. So that they can ramp up & quickly start providing values to your business. Following these little gestures can make a drastic difference in your team bonding.
1. Welcome photo
2. Welcoming Disk Area
3. Team Lunch
4. Coffee Walks
5. Strategic New hire blueprint.

4. Building a diverse team.

Solocubes - team building
Photo credits: unsplash.com

Companies that put some tought into the composition of their teams are likely to build ones that are more successful. Google Spent 2 Years Studying what makes Teams successful. It is very important to understand, respect & share the feelings of another. Diversity helps us to find better talent & define company culture. Diversity increases the team performance & innovation. Following these below points can yeild a positive result in building a diverse team.

  •  Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  • Celebrate cultural differences.
  •  Make every team member feel valued.
  •  Protecting & nurturing an inclusive culture.

5. Introduce Hierarchical Swiftness

As the emergence of new competitors, the boom in the new industry, changing technologies we should also adapt in response to change in the market trend. Make sure your team considers this as an oppurtunity for transformation. Companies often offer low-value oppurtunities, like after hour networking events where alcohol is the primary component. An alternate solution for achieving hierarchical agility is by providing an intensive professional development skills. Make sure that the teammate attend conferences, workshops, Talks, Hackathons, Sponsorship programs & so on.


Building a workplace where people love to be doesn’t have to be hard. A lot of it is just being a good human being.
But it also isn’t something you can just forget about and hope it happens. By focusing on basic human needs, brain activity, and creating traditions that express your company vision and values, you’ll see fantastic results.

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