Awesome Solopreneurs

Most people haven’t heard the word solopreneur because it’s only been used in the last few years. It is actually entrepreneurs who run their business all by them themselves and work alone. It takes a certain kind of person to be a solopreneur, largely because it’s an exercise in self-empowerment.

It’s not just a matter of running the business yourself as a solopreneur, you are the business. It falls to you to handle every responsibility and challenge. It’s a sort of professional adventure and not one to be embarked upon lightly.

The effort involved in making your venture successful isn’t a sacrifice—it’s an investment, one with surprisingly exceptional returns. Being a Solopreneur sounds awesome, but it takes a lot of work to reach a status that makes clients want to reward you because of your incredible work.

For those who are inclined to the lifestyle and can work hard to achieve success, being a solopreneur could be really awesome & offers some very unique benefits.

Solopreneur tips

Here are the top 5 things that are awesome about being a solopreneur.

1. No Office diplomacy.

Now who does not hate being in office politics. All these compitition, position, status, &  job promotions drags us into being a part of office politics. The good thing about being a Solopreneur is we need not get into all these accusations. There’s no one pushing to reach expectations and goals that are unrealistic. You’re your only competitor. Need not whine and complain: As a solopreneur you are your reputation you have to be a problem solver to be in this business.

2. Being your OWN BOSS.

Chances are you are going to treat yourself better than your previous bosses. Being your own boss is an excellent feeling to experience. You will be setting the standard, values, goals and growth of your company.

When you commit to being a solopreneur, you suddenly pay attention to every detail, ultimately making your business experiences more meaningful and fulfilling.

Soon your business becomes more like the child that you have created, nurtured and watch grow every day. All you have to remeber is you have no boss to please & no employee to harass, as a solopreneur you are your Own Boss & employee too.

3. You already know your strengths.

Most solopreneurs start a business because of an existing skill set. When you engage in an activity you are truly good at, your excitement is visible, this is already your core strength. You might have a talent for creating art or providing Web/graphic design services. Your strengths are ultimately the keys to your success.

Utilizing your strengths provides you the best potential for achieving mastery. For a solopreneur Strength means Talents + Knowledge + Skills.

4. NO Limit to economic scaling

Being a solopreneur, one has to know that the rule is simple: You work, you eat. In other words, the solopreneur can only be as productive as they are willing to get. The more you work, the higher your chances of enjoying maximized economies of scale. On the other hand, calling it sick in one of those lazy days is more or less like failing to report to work, and even with that in mind, no one will bother you as long as you deliver according to your plans and objectives.

5. You are the jack of all trades.

A solopreneur is not an entrepreneur. As a solopreneur, you’re everything in your business – quality control, operations, business development, accountant, human resources, driver, office assistant, cleaner & so on. Being a solopreneur is not as easy as it looks. It takes of lot of effort & skill to excel in a particular domain. Solopreneur is he who has mastered a particular trade but in order to survive in this competitive world, as  a solopreneur you should also be jack of all trades.

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