Coworking is not for every professional or entrepreneur. There are some contexts wherein coworking doesn’t work. But coworking does work for many and there is no reason to believe some of the myths that are masqueraded as facts about coworking. Here are eighteen myths uncovered about coworking.

  1. Coworking leads to loss of productivity. To the contrary, coworking increases productivity.
  2. Coworking leads to distractions. It actually motivates professionals to put in more effort.
  3. Coworking is not safe for companies dealing with intellectual property or sensitive information. It is actually safer since the facilities are well managed with adequate network security and firewalls as well as necessary policies protecting people from falling prey to mischief.
  4. Coworking is limiting for a business. It is actually one of the ways to grow a business without making large investments.
  5. Coworking is chaotic. The truth is people get to work on their own without being disturbed in a positive and social environment as compared to working alone without actual social connect at home.
  6. Coworking helps people to expand their networks, professional and personal, not limit it.
  7. It also augurs well for those looking at segregating professional and personal times. Coworking doesn’t affect family life.
  8. Coworking helps in finding new clients and also new talents. It is not any form of impairment for the business because of the facility chosen.
  9. Coworking is not chaotic or messy. Instead, it allows people to focus more without distractions of television, home appliances and other homely digresses.
  10. The coworking environments are energetic with hard working people. It is not overwhelming for professionals but infectiously energetic and moving in a positive way.
  11. Coworking doesn’t require long commutes. The facilities are not always in the downtown or in remote locations.
  12. Coworking is well provisioned, not ill equipped or short of resources. Some facilities even offer childcare or daycare services.
  13. Coworking fuels creativity, especially with so much talent at easy discretion.
  14. It instills the ideal work life balance, not as believed otherwise.
  15. It doesn’t derail your routine. Instead it instills a routine that augurs well for your work.
  16. Coworking doesn’t compel you to work at certain times of the day. You can always pick your own hours.
  17. Coworking gets you better facilities, from the speed of the internet to various accessories. Your personal technology infrastructure may fall short.
  18. Coworker is economical. It doesn’t cost even a fraction of what it takes to run a traditional workplace.

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