Is The Modern Trend Changing The Co Working Culture?

Co-working, a western concept that involves various individuals or startups sharing a common workplace environment, is slowly catching a trend in Indian market with already a growth of 50% in just two years, here are some of the major key trends of coworking trends for the year 2019: Space Design We have a couple of […]

Bengaluru Becomes The Hub Of Co Working Space

The Co-working Spaces concept is getting all trendy, over the past two years the facilities provided are now quickly evolving in the country like cafes & recreational corners, besides even providing career assistance. Initially, the co working boom has fueled by the country’s burgeoning start-up ecosystem. Bengaluru, the city with the world’s third-highest number of […]

Grind Your 2019 Solopreneur Goals With These Tips.

Are you solopreneur or a freelancer? Have you written your goals plan for the year 2019? Or will you just wait until the next NEW YEAR resolution? For a solopreneur, setting one’s goals for the year is easier said than done. Achieving your goals takes hard work, diligence and a good dose of planning right […]

Why Solopreneurs Choose Co Working Space?

CoWorking Space are ergonomically designed for comfort & productivity. The trend of coworking spaces in Bangalore is growing every year, and many solopreneurs and small startups are happy to finally have a space to call their own without paying for their own commercial space. Coworking spaces offer multiple benefits & encourage more Human Connection Which in turn Increases Productivity. So […]

Why It’s Awesome Being A Solopreneur ?

Most people haven’t heard the word solopreneur because it’s only been used in the last few years. It is actually entrepreneurs who run their business all by them themselves and work alone. It takes a certain kind of person to be a solopreneur, largely because it’s an exercise in self-empowerment. It’s not just a matter […]


There’s a growing trend of solopreneurs as more people are leaning towards becoming financially independent on their own terms. What makes a successful solopreneur differ from other entrepreneurs. There are a lot of pro and cons to being a solopreneur and the kind of person you are plays a large part in determining if you […]

Three Powerful Ways To Utilize Co-Working Space For Your Business

The concept of Co-Working space started in Berlin by a German organization named C-Base back in 1995. Little did they know that 23 years down the line, co-working would be one of the most popular topics among companies worldwide. C-Base made Wi-Fi networks available in 2002 and promoted free public access to the internet. Back […]

Impact advantages of coworking spaces in india

A lot of talk has been going around co-working and how it has impacted the start-up ecosystem in India. Some experts have even gone ahead and said that the concept of co working is a game changer and will become a cult in the Indian start-up ecosystem. So what is this concept of co working, […]

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