Coworking is supposed to be good for productivity and for work life balance. Coworking spaces bring together like minded individuals and put them into the same space while they are inventing and staying productive. You might think that you know all there is to know about this new trend among entrepreneurs and freelancers, but there are a lot of insane facts about coworking that you are likely unaware of. It is time that you learned about all the things you have never heard of.

Here are the top insane but true things about coworking:

Almost Half of the Workforce Could Try Out Coworking in 2010

This amight seem impossible, but by the year 2020 more than 40% of the workforce will consist of freelancers, temps and entrepreneurs. This means that a good percentage of the workforce could partake in coworking., The reason that it is creating so much buzz recently is because there is a lot of demand. More and more people are seeing the need to be a part of coworking.

Improves Health

You might think that it is insane to attach improved health to coworking, but many people confirm that they actually feel healthier and better when they are not working in a traditional office setting. When you are coworking, you have access to office resources and personal interaction, but you are not in a traditional office setting with a boss overseeing your progress. This means that coworking might actually allow you to be a bit healthier.

Stay Motivated

It should also be noted that you are more likely to complete tasks on time if you are coworking rather than just working alone from home. The statistics show that about 64% of coworkers are better able to complete tasks on time when they are coworking. This means that giving coworking a try could be worth it.

Relax at Home

This might also be a bit crazy, but if you work from home, your home starts to feel more tense and pressured. This means that you can actually feel a lot more relaxed and free when you are at home when you are coworking. Almost 68% of coworkers say that they feel a lot more relaxed at home when they are coworking, which means that you can finally take back your home and keep it from becoming only your workplace. It is possible to unwind at home and be free again.

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