Co-working, a western concept that involves various individuals or startups sharing a common workplace environment, is slowly catching a trend in Indian market with already a growth of 50% in just two years, here are some of the major key trends of coworking trends for the year 2019:

Space Design

We have a couple of new co working spaces opening up on the city every day and it is the space design which is getting better day by day. If we’d have to name one thing about co working spaces that they are known for, then it would be their interiors. The design is so well prepared and executed that a person falls in love with space in the first look.

Brands that have been around for awhile are re-designing, adding more office space and updating their look. Sitting desks, standing desks, sofas, couch, bean bags are all becoming a normal necessity for a co working space.

Multi City Locations:

As per the recent trends people are opting for co working spaces that has more than 1 location within the city. Frequent travelers, solopreneurs or entrepreneurs tend to opt for co working spaces that have a multi-city locations. Nowadays some of the co working spaces are offering passport program which allows the cardholder to work at any participating co working space for a designated number of hours. This trend is increasing where people get the flexible choice to work at any preferred locations.


High-end luxury co working brands like wework, coworks are continuing to thrive, where smaller brands are finding new and inventive ways to set themselves apart. Hospitality is continuing to be a big buzzword in our industry and we’re seeing some exciting niche based new brand entries across the city.
The trend of niche spaces play a big role in co working as competition becomes fierce. The rise of women-only co working spaces, art- poetry based co working spaces, Solopreneur based co working spaces like solocubes, continues, but we also see spaces for technology, industries, political movements etc.

Additional Coworking Tools:

As per the latest Co working trends, shared office spaces have started to provide many additional services to their coworkers just like a big corporate company provides its employees. Some ongoing trends in co working spaces for 2019 include babysitting, a chartered accountant for your startup, making office space pet-friendly, bank tie-ups for a loan, business account, design development services etc.

MNC’s begin the trend of co-working:

Large corporations are partnering with co working spaces to support innovation and idea exchanges. Tech giants such as Flipkart, amazon are now opting co working spaces to be near innovative startups. Major tech companies are choosing the co working spaces so that they can get closer to innovators in the field. This gives large corporations access to startups with industry-changing ideas and new talent.

No matter the size of the business, this trend of co working is also saving huge money be it for an individual or a big corporate, provided you choosing the right space. Most large corporations are letting their employees the choice of working in a co working environment.

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