How to make an business model for an idea

How to make business model for an idea?

Apr 06, 2019 17:00 19;00

SET 2019- Slolo Cubes Entrepreneurs Test- is bringing  unique scientific way of making startups. We first educate, evaluate and elevate the idea of startup.

We are bringing industry experts, who has immense talent and knowledge  in their  specific areas,  to educate people about entrepreneurship and mindset needed to shape their ideas.

It is series of educational slots for 6 weeks with intense crash course program to pitch your ideas.

These slots from high profile people from IIM , IIS and Harvard , a high priced knowledge available absolutely FREE.

The best idea will be shortlisted and then will be incubated and elevated with angel investment.

This coming Saturday , 6th April, (5:00pm – 7:00pm) we are conducting 2nd talk of the series- How to make business model for an idea.

An idea is always a dream if it is not communicated and executed. Before we communicate we need put the idea into a structure where all stake holders can understand and check the viability of business. People should also understand the plans to achieve the purpose.

This talk will address how to make that structure known as business model.

For more details on speakers and registration please visit our website, contact :  9108178678