Study Space

Why SoloCubes?

Our aim is to give a unique experience for all readers and working professionals who wants privacy for their personal work.

Individuals who want to concentrate and get away from distractions can dive into our unique, private and isolated co-working zone.

Book lovers, Students preparing for Exams like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, CAT, CA, Civil  can benefit greatly from private home reading zones. Tons of material for exams are available.

If you’re looking for a relaxed communal study space, lots of light, table and sofa space, free Wi-Fi, and comforting conversational background noise while you study, the SOLOCUBES is the perfect spot.


Why the need for reading space in Bangalore

Solo Cubes was started for those creative individuals who clearly saw there were many places in the city to enjoy social life but none for privacy. This thought led us to brainstorm and then decided to create a unique place like SOLOCUBES to address these issues.

Why the need for reading space in Bangalore

Comfortable seating attached to big tables, your own cubical rooms, Rooftop Open Space, quick wifi, waiting staff that will leave you alone for hours, good coffee, a bright and inspiring atmosphere, and  power sockets to charge your laptop.

Why the need for reading space in Bangalore

Individual private cubicals (1 people)

An air conditioned individual cubicles specially designed for your comfort of privacy. Our little Cubical rooms invites you to stay focused and study longer.

Open Space Quiet study areas

Find a tranquil spot to do your work on our quiet study floors. Comfy seating and whiteboards are located in several areas. Speak quietly, silence mobile devices, and limit louder conversations to the floor lobby.

Quiet study private rooms (1-6 people)

We recognise that you can learn from your friends so we have provided group learning spaces. Here you can discuss your work without worrying about disturbing others as a reasonable level of noise is tolerated, though we do ask that you are considerate of other students and staff.

Collaboration rooms (5-30 people)

Faculty, students, and staff can use our collaboration rooms, which have tables, Comfy chairs, and whiteboards with projector. Some rooms have LCD monitors for connecting a laptop.

With two venues to choose from, the Study Space are renowned for work- conducive environment and are usually full of young trendies typing busily away at their laptops.

Your search for a quiet and well-maintained study spots across Bangalore is just away from a click....!!!

    Solo Cubes provides unique designed offices for Co-Working explicitly to increase a team’s productivity.


    Solo Cubes, Sanikams Building 2nd Floor, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru - 560095


    +91 9108178678