Coworking as a concept has really exploded. While the history of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses sharing space, resources, knowledge, and sometimes value is a relatively short one, it is true that the concept has been around for a lot longer than most people suspect. Coworking has had a number of years to establish itself as a legitimate concept in a variety of pockets throughout the world.

In that amount of time, we have come across some considerable experts on this subject. You can find individuals who have worked with coworking as a concept, and have come back to tell you that this is something that virtually everyone should take seriously.

Furthermore, if you are curious about coworking as a potential approach for achieving your larger personal and professional goals, it can certainly help to know about the experts. When you know where to go for advice and inspiration, you can begin to see the various ways in which you can benefit from all of these individuals.

Top Coworking Experts

Ready to meet some of the experts? If you come across any of these names in the world of coworking, then pay attention. These are individuals who are already offering significant advice and potential to those who are interested in coworking. They can certainly help you to take the next step in your personal and professional goals:

  1. Brian Pierce: The man responsible for Creating in Cahoots, Brian is a firm believer in the notion that coworking is all about community. There is no question that he is absolutely right on this front.
  2. Jamie Russo: A key name with Ennerspace Coworking, Global Workspace Association, Russo has provided a great deal of insight into how individuals and small groups can make coworking work on limited resources. In other words, if you are concerned about resources, understand that you can accomplish a lot by intelligently managing what you have.
  3. Iris Kavanagh: Responsible for Coworking with Iris, this is another individual who has worked tirelessly to give coworking the best reputation possible. Check out Coworking with Iris for yourself, and you’re going to find an established expert and invaluable resource.
  4. Josh Rencher: If you want to take advantage of intelligent, extremely useful advice on the subject of coworking, then Josh Rencher is definitely a name you want to take seriously.
  5. Chris Cooley: The Coworking Consultant is another worthy resource, as is Chris Cooley himself.

These are five people to pay attention to.

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