Kim Kardashian is a celebrity whose lifestyle may not go well with many people if she was to be their co-worker. To prove that Kim will never be good at co working, we run her highly publicised life against the norms of good co working.

TMI sharing

In case you don’t the acronym, it stands for Too Much Information. There is everything on social media about Kim Kardashian. That makes her bad at co working.

Talking loudly on the phone

She might not have been caught doing it but you would not be surprised if she did. She will also engage the speakers if you messed her one bit!

Listening to music loudly

Her husband is a musician .You wouldn’t stop Kim from singing along some of Kanye’s best songs. The bad thing is, she might sing in the office and you will be forced to join in the chorus or just walk out.

Office police

Kim is a no nonsense and boss-like. She gets things done and causes a scene if things don’t go her way. She would be more than co worker: she would be the office police and everyone else would do her bidding. Expect real fireworks when the real boss is away.

Personal business at work

Kim is clothes line, reality T.V show and a portfolio of businesses to run. It would be difficult for her to separate her business from work and this is the reason why she would never be good at Coworking.

Cologne, spray and perfume

She would have all these in her handbag when she comes to office. Expect expensive scents to fill up the office. No offence but her showbiz lifestyle demands nothing less but creating an aura around herself.

Blaming others

If there is anything gone wrong in the office, don’t expect Kim to accept blame. She will most likely blame others for it. Anything to keep others talking will just be fine with her, even if she is to blame.

Bringing food to office

Kim Kardashian wouldn’t mind a snack in the office, though this would look bad when working and a sweet smell of fresh fries wafts past you.

Agreeing/disagreeing with the boss

Trust Kim to be on the extremes. At one point, she is on the side of the boss; on the other, she is fighting him/her.

Well, this could be a tongue-in-cheek view of Kim, but she definitely wouldn’t make a good co worker.

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