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Why Solocubes?

Solo Cubes provides unique designed offices for Coworking explicitly to increase a team’s productivity. Our comprehensive offices are conveniently located in the heart of Bangalore’s commercial areas to create a perfect Start-Up atmosphere. We understand Start-Ups like no one else to deliver you with awesome modern amenities at suitable prices to give you the maximum value.

solocubes coworking & meetups

Why Solocubes?

CoWorking Space

Individuals who want to concentrate and get away from distractions can dive into our unique, private and isolated coworking zone

Meeting Rooms

Perfect ambience to run a Hi-Tech Presentation, a Board Meeting, Training for new Employees or an Event. Maximum Occupancy: 50 seats

Event Space

Networking for a young Start-Up is vital in order for it to make a name for itself. Solo Cubes hosts plenty of events so that your Start-Up gets the maximum exposure

Study Rooms

Luxurious experience for long time readers, Kindle devices with Unlimited Subscription, E-Magazines & E-Books and Audio Books


We provide a community centric approach to incubation & angel investing with the focus of giving individuals with the autonomy & right resources to grow.

More than just a Coworking Space.

Solo Cubes offers so much more than just Coworking desks! Apart from creating a productive atmosphere for your Start-Up, Solo Cubes offers an ideal space where Work meets your Hangout

More than just a Coworking Space.

We run events that help you acquire the skills needed to grow your business. Everything from one-on-one mentor sessions to workshops, seminars and roundtable conferences.

  • Enabling freelancers to promote their unique skills to support new business
  • Identify new technologies and conduct related events to encourage new learning
  • Conduct mentor workshop events to fill the gaps needed for start-ups
  • Planning network events to build the strong community to support the business needs
  • Extending the mentor network and incubation support to all young entrepreneurs

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Almost 500+ Corporates, SMEs, Freelancers, Solopreneurs & Start-ups have trusted & worked out of SoloCubes’s office space offerings. Here are some of the companies who are part of Solocubes Community.


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    Solo Cubes provides unique designed offices for Co-Working explicitly to increase a team’s productivity.


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