How coworking effect on the productivity of individuals

This blog gives you a clear insight regarding Coworking effect on productivity. There is no doubt a coworking space is a new way to increase the productivity of the individuals. It is one of the most prominent spaces which allows startups, freelancers, and even large companies to share space and work on their own projects. […]

The Evolution of Shared Office Space

Shared office space evolution begins from 50 years ago when employees were sitting at the desk, equipped with just a pen, dairy and a typewriter. Now, we are setting at a comfortable desk, equipped with a tablet and a computer or laptop. The shared office space is continuously evolving and adapting to new trends in […]

Exciting Events to Host at Your Coworking Space

There is no doubt that coworking community events are great ways to increase brand awareness, relationship with the clients and visitors and make your business more flexible. It brings business members together and builds a relationship with them. Coworking events are the key to community building. It is believed that events make them feel more […]

How Big Teams are Taking to Coworking Space in India

Coworking space is flexible by nature and productive in the environment. Now, in India, it has been accepted by the freelancers and independent workers. But, the ever-growing demand for the coworking space is gaining the attention of the big teams as well. As coworking space is made with the combination of quality space and flexibility, […]

5 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

These days established businesses and startups are enjoying the many benefits of coworking spaces such as an increase in your productivity and lowered expenses. Gone are the days when you must be stuck in a cubicle and pay hefty rent for big office space because nowadays most companies are slowly warming up to the idea of […]

Startup and their mistakes: The business combo

Are you a Solopreneur, a freelancer or aspiring to be entrepreneur thinking to start your own startup business planning to turn your ideas into reality? Caution!! Most of the startup fail in there early stages. Here are some mistakes that startup makes with their solution which you should be aware of for a successful startup. […]

Digital Nomads – A new Solopreneur trend in 2019

Solopreneurs, who are the location independent also known to be digital nomads, were they use the technology to do their job and work remotely rather than going to office. Digital nomads is often used to describe the people who are travelling across the world while working. Digital Nomadism! with the rapid change in our social […]

Co-working spaces – the saviour of Real Estate.

We have observed that there is a huge slowdown in the real estate sector in the last few years. But not for long, India’s real estate market is raising up as new sub-segments in terms of co-working spaces and Meet-up spaces have emerged lately. Experts discussed if there is some scope in the growth of […]

Is Co-Working changing the commercial Real estate Scenario?

The demand for co-working spaces or shared office spaces is gaining rapid demand across the country with an increasing count of up to 13 million people, equivalent to a current population of India’s Silicon Valley Bangalore, Co-working spaces help you to grow your connects as well your business. Co-working trend in India has become increasingly […]

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